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Without a heart, it's just a machine

You win the hearts and minds of your customers when you always put them first. That’s what set Southwest apart, and that’s where we began building the airline’s new identity. We placed their bright heart at the center of their story, and helped them tell the world that no matter who you are, Southwest will show you their unconditional love. (Lippincott)


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Driving into the future 

AutoTrader.com engaged us to consider the brand’s positioning and visual identity for the road ahead. Ultimately, the brand aimed to give its customers a car shopping experience that would not only provide them with confidence, but one that would stand out as refreshingly enjoyable. The new logo is styled like a car badge because... they just happen to love cars. (Lippincott)



Making every day better

Buoy is a startup that's changing the way we think of healthcare. With less guessing, and no paper work or waiting rooms, the Buoy app takes the mystery out of feeling sick and empowers everyday people to take charge of their health. It’s free, tailored to you and in your hands. Read a bit more about the project and how it came to life here.



The gift of giving

With Daymaker (formerly known as Communigift), children invite their birthday party guests to donate a gift to a different child who may not have the privilege of celebrating birthdays. With the right messaging, and a new name and visual system, we helped bring this early stage venture to life as they inspire the next generation of givers.


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