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Part & Parcel

Wardrobe essentials

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The company’s co-founders were veterans of the fashion industry who saw a huge opportunity. Over 70% of American women were wearing size 14 or above but only 5% of the fashion market was serving her. Most other players in the plus size space were producing cheap fast-fashion. This startup planned to design high quality essentials that could serve as the core of her wardrobe, starting with a wide-calf leather riding boots.


The brand name needed to convey commitment to deliver high quality, "must have" elements of a woman's wardrobe. The founders also wanted a name that was smart and discerning, just like their savvy target customer. Working together to find the perfect name in  a crowded trademark class, Part & Parcel was born. The company recently led a successful KickStarter Campaign that raised over 45K to fund the first production.


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