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Laura Aviva was a unique designer with a service few others were offering. She would seek out the most seasoned, skilled artisans to create custom collections for the design trade, private clients and luxury brands. However, l’aviva home was getting lost in the mix of artisan workshops and social benefit cooperatives - both very different from her unique offering.


We built the brand around Laura’s intrepid, bold and captivating personality. We captured her wanderlust and passion for connecting with far-off cultures. It all comes to life through rich and detailed creation stories, balanced by premium photography and elevated typography. Soon after the rebrand, Architectural Digest lauded how naturally Laura's personality came to life in her remarkable brand.


What we did

Brand strategy

Brand messaging

We were really struggling to clearly articulate who we were... and were too close to it to have any real perspective. We needed someone who could dig deep into our DNA, unearth how we stand out and help us communicate that in messaging that was authentic and uniquely compelling. Now, to be able to see all our disparate positioning points netted down, given structure and articulated so clearly… it feels like gold.
— Laura Aviva, Founder of l’aviva home