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Full-service support

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What it is

This 4-9 month engagement helps new-to-the-world companies or products create a brand from scratch. It’s a comprehensive approach that readies a company for launch with full surround-sound branding across all channels.

What you get

You’ll have a dedicated brand team paid a fixed monthly rate as your brand is built. The work will include

  • An assessment of your competitive set, strategic opportunity, and positioning within that space

  • Complete messaging guidelines that define not just what you say (messages), but how you say it (brand voice)

  • Corporate name, if needed, and your logo design

  • Complete visual system and style guide to guide and develop a consistent visual identity

  • Marketing materials, like brochures, business cards, videos, give-aways, or trade show booth design

The outputs were huge for us, but the process also forced us to sit in a room and talk about who we were. It’s often hard to justify doing that as an early-stage technology company. Everything is go-go-go: growth-growth-growth. It was such important time together, thinking and creating. I couldn’t speak more highly of the work. And, it was led by an all-star.
— Thomas Doochin, CEO and Co-founder, Daymaker
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