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Spreading joy

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CommuniGift (as it was originally named) had a bold vision – to change the world by inspiring the big hearts of little kids. Unlike typical monetary donations, this direct giving platform allowed users to purchase tangible items for a specific child in need. To inspire engagement, the brand needed to connect users to the true need while remaining fun, bright and optimistic.


Everything about the brand was rooted in the joy of giving. The new name celebrated the user for making someone’s day. Designer Sam Ayling crafted a visual identity around the gifting of real items that could be bought and shared. By making it easy for parents to share their values of compassion generosity with their children, we created a path for deep, ongoing relationships with the brand.


What we did

Brand strategy

Brand messaging

Brand identity

Target market analysis

Brand voice

Branding was something we knew we needed to do, but we just kept saying we’d get to it when we had time. Sparkfire went off and did an incredible amount of work without needing our continual inputs. We got to run the company while the magic happened. There are probably other firms as capable as Sparkfire, but I doubt there are as many that as are joyous to work with.
— Thomas Doochin, CEO and Co-Founder, Daymaker