Sometimes you only get a little spark.

A spark that tells you it’s time to change. To explore. And maybe to let go a little.

As a professional coach, I work with executives, founders, and aspiring leaders who are looking for a greater sense of control, freedom and fulfillment in their careers and their lives - and more often than not a better sense of balance too. It’s a tribe of people who want it all, and are ready to go after it.

I also work with individuals who are looking to create significant change in their careers. Clients have varied backgrounds, have achieved significant success, and are seeking to create something new with their talent, passion and experience.

What is it like to work together? 

My workshops, retreats and 1:1 coaching are designed to address the whole person. Work and life go hand-in-hand, and work can be one of the most personal things we do. Only when we understand our unique gifts, talents and skills can our work be a manifestation of them. You will grow as a person when we work together, which will allow you to better grow your company and your team.

The best way to understand coaching is to experience it. Book a free session to explore what we might go after together.


One-on-one coaching


Seed (Months 1-3)

This is the first step, and it can’t be skipped. This is where you define what you’re goiafter. We’ll work together to explore where you are and where you want to be across a variety of areas, including career, work/life balance, relationship with self and others, health, home, and more. Together, we’ll define your purpose, and what life looks like lived to its fullest.

Includes 2 sessions per month for three months where you will:

  • Define your purpose. Why are you here and what do you want to do with this life
  • Get clear on the values that drive your sense of fulfillment

At the end of this program, you’ll have a great understanding of who you are, where you are, and what fulfillment looks like for you.


Sprout (Months 4-6)

Together, we will identify and lock down the one or two areas where you want to focus - the areas where, if you make a change, it would have the biggest impact on your overall satisfaction. Ready to take your career to the next level? Time to get real about building the business you’ve always dreamed of? Here’s where you really go after it.

Includes 2 sessions per month for three months where you will:

  • Name your goal(s) and get explicit about what success looks like
  • Define the impact of the work you’ll be doing
  • Identify the unique strengths you possess that you can bring to bear

At the end of this time together, you’ll have a clear picture of what success looks like for you and will be well on your way towards it. Your vision will be so clear to you that you’ll be able to touch it, see it, and smell it - inspiring you to you to go after it with everything you’ve got.


Bloom (Months 7 onward)

Often, when we start going after something big that’s close to our hearts, our  inner critics show up to tell us all the reasons why we can’t have it, don’t deserve it, or aren’t capable of it.  As you push forward, you will meet every possible inner limiting belief, excuse, and tactic for procrastination. Here is where you do the work, stop hiding, and do what you say you’re going to do. The coaching comes in around these blocks that don’t let you shine and help you continue to design your vision.

Includes 2 sessions per month for three months where you will:

  • Identify the critical voices that hold you back
  • Create new pathways of thinking
  • Change self-destructive behaviors
  • Set up weekly accountability for the steps you choose to take to help you stay on track

At the end of this program, you will have a crew to support you on your journey and be be better able to quiet the sabotaging voices that hold you back. You will have strong habits that support your goals and a keen sense of integrity around the commitments you make to yourself.  


Founder Retreat

This retreat is designed exclusively for business owners looking to build their brand and their abilities as a leader. This intensive, full day experience provides an affordable alternative to full branding project and provides concrete deliverables to evolve your brand, your leadership and ultimately, your life.

Group Retreats

Periodically I offer women-only retreats. We move our bodies, expand our minds, dream big and get some tactical, tangible steps to hit the ground running.. What’s different about our retreats is the quality of the participants – those women who you’re sitting next to who inspire the hell out of you – and the ongoing community/connection that’s created. Friendships and opportunities grow out of meaningful time spent together in this environment. Stay tuned for upcoming retreats by signing up below.


Workshops are bite-sized offerings designed around specific topics, including resilient leadership, emotional intelligence, the search for life purpose, identification and communication of your strengths, career transition, and more. They are an economical way to do some deep work and make real progress. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops by signing up below.