All it takes is a little spark to make a big change



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What we do

After years of consulting C-suite leaders, Hilary Folger now coaches many of those high performing individuals. They are executives, managers or founders, and they all have one thing in common. They recognize they create their own luck, and are ready to do that work together. Despite their achievements, many don’t realize just how much more they are capable of… and that’s where the coaching comes in.

What to expect

Sparkfire’s coaching is designed to address the whole person. Work can be one of the most personal things we do. And, only when we understand our unique strengths, talents and skills can it be truly fulfilling and rewarding. You will grow as a person when we work together, which will allow you to better grow your company and your team.

Here's how we can help


Leadership Coaching

Designed for founders of seed stage companies, this coaching helps leaders persevere in the face of entrepreneurship’s most common challenges – uncertainty, self-doubt, setbacks, time and budget limitations, and scaling up… should we keep going?

Executive Coaching

Our six-month intensive executive coaching program helps organizations develop more effective, impactful and resilient leaders by tapping into their unique strengths, exploring roadblocks and building competencies. This work develops your top talent while making substantial tangible improvements to the bottom line.

Hilary has coached employees at various levels in our organization and has moved our future executives to a higher level of leadership. Her work has led to concrete benefits for my team and the business as a whole. She has helped people work on a range of issues – from strategic leadership to supervision. Through Hilary’s coaching, individuals have gained greater confidence in their ability and voice, taking on more complex and high profile projects and roles. She is a resource we’ll return to again and again.
— Sarah Sullivan, Senior Director, Arabella Advisors

Coaching is for leaders who are ready to think big, create and build the business they truly want... and go after it with everything they’ve got.