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Who we are

As a professional coach, I work with executives, founders, and aspiring leaders who are looking for a greater sense of control, freedom, fulfillment and balance in their careers and their lives. It’s a tribe of people who want it all, and are ready to go after it.

I also work with individuals looking to make a significant career change. Clients come from varied backgrounds, have achieved significant success, and are seeking to create something new with their talent, passion and experience.

What it’s like to work together

My workshops, retreats and 1:1 coaching are designed to address the whole person. Work and life go hand-in-hand. I believe that work can be one of the most personal things we do. And, only when we understand our unique gifts, talents and skills can our work be truly fulfilling and rewarding. You will grow as a person when we work together, which will allow you to better grow your company and your team.

If you're new to coaching or just want to get a sense of what it's like, why not give it a shot? Below, you can book a free sample session. It will be about 40 minutes and will give you a great sense of what we might go after together.

Here's how we can help.


Personal Coaching

Individual coaching helps you get absolutely clear about what a fulfilling career and life looks like for you. We’ll identify ways to move toward your goals, explore issues that stand in the way and transform old life-diminishing patterns into life-affirming ones.


Leadership Coaching

We lead one-on-one coaching with founders, managers and executives within organizations large and small across a range of industries. Learn more about how coaching can develop your top talent while making substantial improvements to the bottom line.


Founder Retreat

This retreat is designed for founders, freelancers, or small business owners looking to build their brand and their abilities as a leader. This full-day experience gives you concrete deliverables to evolve your brand, your leadership and ultimately, your life.


Group Retreats

Periodically I offer retreats for women where we move our bodies, expand our minds, and leave with tangible steps to hit the ground running. What’s different about these retreats is the quality of the participants – those women who inspire the hell out of you – and the ongoing community that’s created.



My workshops are 2-3 hr sessions around specific topics including career transition, resilience, emotional intelligence, designing your ideal work/life balance, and more. They’re an economical way to do some deep work and make real progress and meet some like-minded people in the process.

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Hilary has coached employees at various levels in our organization and has moved our future executives to a higher level of leadership. Her work has led to concrete benefits for my team and the business as a whole. She has helped people work on a range of issues – from strategic leadership to supervision. Through Hilary’s coaching, individuals have gained greater confidence in their ability and voice, taking on more complex and high profile projects and roles. She is a resource we’ll return to again and again.
— Sarah Sullivan, Senior Director, Arabella Advisors

Coaching is for people who are ready to dream, create and build the lifestyle they truly want... and go after it with everything they’ve got.

Try a FREE sample session to see what we might go after together.