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The best brands don’t just fill a need,

they inspire

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Sparkfire builds those brands

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What we do

As veteran strategists, storytellers, experience makers and designers, we’re here to help companies build connection, generate value and grow to their potential.

Whether you’re a startup looking to accelerate, an established brand that wants to evolve, or a private equity firm seeking a strong return on your investment, we’ll separate your pick from the pack.

How we work

We're a small agency, but our networked culture allows us to punch above our weight. We convene the right talent from the creative industry, scaling up and down throughout the project to ensure you have the expertise you need, when you need it. And with years in the industry, we can call upon the most pedigreed talent.

In a style I’d characterize as a blend of persistence, insight and diplomacy-without-bullshit, Hilary drove us to rethink Inc.. It was powerful stuff. I can’t recommend Hilary Folger or Sparkfire Ventures enough.
— Eric Schurenberg, Editor in Chief, Inc. Magazine

Choose how you want to work with us


Brand concepting

This semi-DIY approach is for founders, freelancers, or small business owners who want to create or further define their brand - and be guided by an expert every step of the way.

Focused projects

For companies of all sizes, these targeted brand projects allow you to focus your time and energy on what’s needed most - whether it’s a name, positioning strategy, messaging, visual identity or other essential brand elements.

Full-service support

For those who want a dedicated, outsourced marketing team to build your brand, start to finish. This approach is perfect to launch new-to-the-world businesses.

I couldn’t speak more highly of the work. All of the outputs were huge for us, and the process forced us to sit in a room and talk about who we were. It’s often hard to justify doing that as an early-stage technology company. Everything is go-go-go, growth-growth-growth. It was such important time together, thinking and creating. And, it was led by an all-star.
— Thomas Doochin, CEO and Co-founder, Daymaker

Are you ready to change the story? Have a bigger impact? Grow more quickly?