Winning brands don’t just fill a need, they inspire.


Sparkfire builds those brands.

As veteran strategists, storytellers, experience makers and designers, we’re here to help companies build connection, generate value and grow to their potential.

Whether you’re a startup looking to accelerate or an established brand that wants to evolve, we can tell your story. Are you a private equity firm seeking a strong return on your investment?

We’ll separate your pick from the pack.

How we work

Our networked culture allows us to punch above our weight, convening the right talent from the creative industry and scaling up and down throughout the project to ensure you have the expertise you need, when you need it, to build a great brand. And with years in the industry, we can call upon the most pedigreed talent out there.



The Full Monty

This 4-9 month engagement helps new-to-the-world companies or products create a brand from scratch. It is a comprehensive approach that readies a company for launch with full surround-sound branding across all channels.

What you get:

A dedicated brand team paid a fixed monthly rate as your brand is built.

An assessment of your competitive set, strategic opportunity, and positioning within that space. Complete messaging guidelines that define not just what you say (messages), but how you say it (brand voice). A name, if needed, and logo design. Complete visual system and style guide  to guide and develop a consistent visual identity. Marketing materials, like brochures, business cards, videos, give-aways, or trade show booth design.

Branding was something we knew we needed to do, but we just kept saying we’d get to it when we had time. Sparkfire went off and did an incredible amount of work without needing our continual inputs. We got to run the company while the magic happened.
— Thomas Doochin, CEO and Co-founder, Daymaker

The Pick & Choose

Hilary did a great job for my startup.  She had a simple process and took me through each stage as we refined our thinking.  She listens well and ultimately created a strategy that captured the soul of the firm.  With Sparkfire I got a global branding firm quality workup at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend her services.
— Jack Duval, Founder and CEO, Bantam

Unlike traditional agencies, we’re willing and able to do quick, targeted work to keep you moving forward with costs in check. You choose just the elements you need now and we’ll assign the right team for the job with no additional overhead.


Competitive assessment, positioning, storytelling, brand launch, training

We were really struggling to clearly articulate who we were... and were too close to it to have any real perspective. We needed someone who could dig deep into our DNA and unearth how we stand out and help us communicate that in messaging that’s authentic and compelling. Now, to be able to see all our disparate positioning points netted down, given structure and articulated so clearly… it feels like gold.
— Laura Aviva, Founder of l’aviva home


Naming, voice, creation stories, taglines, messaging


Logo, identity, style guides, brand communications


Experience blueprinting and design (physical, digital, social)


Founder Retreat

Sometimes brand work comes in the form of a focused, intensive offsite in an inspired environment.

This retreat is designed exclusively for individuals looking to build their brand and their abilities as a leader. It provides an affordable alternative to an in-depth branding effort and concrete deliverables to evolve your brand, your leadership and your life.

You’ll spend a full day at my family’s lakefront home in Maine. Depending on your needs, we may:

  • Craft your brand positioning and define the true differentiators of your business
  • Define your core messages and brand personality
  • Design (or redesign) the offerings you’ll love to deliver
  • Identify your unique strengths, so we can weave them through your work
  • Define your core values and better align your work and life to them
  • Restructure your schedule so it feels more balanced and flows with ease
  • Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work

You’re invited to stay that evening in a private loft, great for sleeping and dreaming big. The following morning, you’ll begin implementing your plan independently. I’ll be nearby to answer any questions and support you as you go.

Who it’s for:

  • You are lit up by the idea of running a business that allows you to love your life
  • You hold the belief that we create our own luck and are ready to do that work together
  • You’re a business owner or are considering becoming one 
  • You’re looking for a better sense of balance between work and life
  • You’re solid financially and are ready to reach for what’s next

What you get:

  • Clarity in how to tell your story and a simple structure to guide your messaging
  • Exploration of a life and work aligned with your purpose and your values
  • A business that supports your dream life, instead of a life that revolves around your business
  • Greater control over how you spend your days, weeks and hours

Following the retreat, you’re invited to sign up for ongoing 1:1 coaching to maintain momentum, gain accountability, and make any adjustments as needed.

Cost: $5000