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Shaking up Wall Street

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Everyone wants to invest their money wisely, and generally turn to financial advisors for help. However, today’s financial advisors have something personal to gain from their investment recommendations and therefore may not always have your best interests at heart...

Bantam is the new brand that aims to change all that, turn the tables on Wall Street, and put investors in the driver’s seat.


We created a brand that captured Bantam’s fighting spirit. Messaging used bold, straightforward language to build trust and wake people up to the realities of the industry. Everything about the new brand captured their drive to protect the best interests of their customers.



Brand strategy

Brand messaging

Sparkfire did a great job for my startup. They had a simple process and took us through each stage as we refined our thinking. Hilary listens well and ultimately created a strategy that captured the soul of the firm.
— Jack Duval, CEO and Co-Founder, Bantam