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Meet Hilary Folger

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Sparkfire was founded by Hilary Folger. Hilary spent most of her career at a global brand consultancy leading strategists, innovators, and designers to build some of the most iconic brands of our time – Southwest, Wells Fargo, Walmart…you name it.

Sparkfire is built to deliver premium brand strategy and design at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. We’re intentionally small so we can call on the right experts for your unique project. And, with 20 years in the industry, we have access to the most pedigreed talent. This helps us create a dream team that clients generally can’t assemble alone.

Hilary also works one-on-one with high-performing individuals in a coaching capacity to help them unlock their full potential, personally and professionally. She holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology from Stanford University, and coaching certifications from CTI and ICF, the gold standard in the Coaching industry.

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This is the work I love to do. Whether I’m working with a company or an individual, I don’t settle for less than what they’re capable of. Together, we explore possibilities with great curiosity, examine and discard the roadblocks, and dig deep to extract the greatest potential.
— Hilary Folger. Founder, Sparkfire

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Hilary Folger won our admiration as one of the most popular, effective, hard-working speakers we’ve ever had on stage at Inc. conferences.
— Eric Schurenberg, Editor in Chief, Inc. Magazine
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